My Route

Since I wanted to cover as much territory in Massachusetts as possible, my route extend from the northwest corner to the very tip of Cape Cod. It is very similar to my 2006 hike, except I spend more time on Route 9, I include Route 20, and I stay closer to Boston than to the Rhode Island border.

Here is my route, mileage and itinerary. I hope to see you on the road!



Day 01: Monday Oct 06. Start in Williamstown, walk along Rte. 2, stop in North Adams (14 miles)

Day 02: Tuesday Oct 07. Start in North Adams, walk along Rte. 8 through Adams, stop in Savoy (18 miles)

Day 03: Wednesday Oct 08. Start in Savoy, walk along Rte. 116 through Plainfield, Walk along Route 9 to through Cummington, Goshen, stop in Williamsburg (18 miles)

Day 04: Thursday Oct 09. Start in Williamsburg, walk along Rte. 9 through Haydenville, Leeds, Northampton, Hadley, stop in Amherst (15 miles)



Day 05: Friday Oct 10. Start in Amherst, walk along Rte. 9 through Belchertown, stop in Ware (21 miles)

Day 06: Saturday Oct 11. Start in Ware, walk along Rte. 9, stop in West Brookfield TBA (11 miles)

Day 07: Sunday Oct 12. Start in West Brookfield, walk along Rte. 9 through Brookfield, East Brookfield, Spencer, stop in Leicester (11 miles)

Day 08: Monday Oct 13. REST (0 miles)

Day 09: Tuesday Oct 14. Start in Leicester, walk along Rte. 9 through Worcester, stop in Shrewsbury (11 miles)

Day 10: Wednesday Oct 15. Start in Shrewsbury, walk along Rte. 20 through Northboro, Marlboro, walk along Rte. 85 through Southboro, stop in Framingham (20 miles)



Day 11: Thursday Oct 16. Start in Framingham, walk along Rte. 27 through Medfield, Walpole, stop in Sharon (16 miles)

Day 12: Friday Oct 17. Start in Sharon, walk along Rte. 27 through Stoughton, stop in Brockton (12 miles)

Day 13: Saturday Oct 18. Start in Brockton, walk along Rte. 14 through Whitman, walk along Rte. 27 through Hanson, Pembroke, Kingston, stop in Plymouth (22 miles)



Day 14: Sunday Oct 19. Start in Plymouth, walk along Rte. 3A through Sagamore, stop in Sandwich (21 miles)

Day 15: Monday Oct 20. Start in Sandwich, walk along Rte. 28 through Barnestable, stop in Marston Mills (13 miles)

Day 16: Tuesday Oct 21. Start in Marston Mills, walk along Rte. 28 to Hyannis (07 miles)

Day 17: Wednesday Oct 22. Start in Hyannis, take side roads through West Yarmouth, South Yarmouth, Dennis, stop in Harwich (16 miles)

Day 18: Thursday Oct 23. Start in Harwich, take Rte. 6 through Brewster, Orleans, stop in Eastham (11 miles)

Day 19: Friday Oct 24. Start in Eastham, take Rte. 6 through Wellfleet, Truro, stop in Provincetown (22 miles)

Day 20: Saturday Oct 25. Long Point Light House (1 mile) FINISH!!!! All are invited.


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